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FAQs about ATM Machines

ATM statistics show that around 10 billion transactions are processed via ATMs in the US each year.

To apply for a free ATM machine, it all starts by contacting Choice 1 Services. We will discuss your needs to determine the best solution for you and your customers.

With Choice One ATM, it’s better than free. We not only handle the installation and servicing of the ATM at your facility or event but also ensure that you receive a profit every time the machine is used. Experience the benefits of our comprehensive service and revenue-sharing model.

Yes! If you want to purchase your own ATM machine, we provide that option as well! We’ll even help you find the best machine, provide installation and training to get you up and running.

The typical price for an ATM machine begins at around $2,400. To learn more, contact us today.

Space, power, and preferably we can use your internet. However, the internet is not a deal breaker because we can use our own wireless cell units for that. Space requirement is  2 ft x 2 ft. We can install inside or even outside for events.

Choice 1 Services offers complete support for all units we place in your facility. If you purchase an ATM machine, we provide free phone support and options for in-person support. With minor issues often resolved over the phone, the process remains simple and hassle-free.

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